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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mummys birthday



My mom turn to 52 years old woman.
Nampak macam masih muda kan?
people yg ckp, as i'm not that nice to said that directly to her,
her doter adalah sgt jeles with her! =P

despite her sweet smile,
having a good health (alhamdulillah),
she is the one that suffered a lot in her life.
and the worst part is,
she suffered alone...

from a lil daughter in a family that depends most on her parents,
she suddenly has to be independent to gain a strength after her mom passed away (al fatihah utk arwah tok)
doing any job, any thing that can make money,
even it is not worth compare to what she has done.
at one moment,
she got faint at her workplace.
where am i than?

i'm still a little girl,
just blurring looking at moms friends who does visit her,
i always look my mom in a strong state,
so i wonder why that time mom was just lying on the bed,
whos gonna make me rice?
check my school thing?

ok. i dont think i can continue to write our past...
she could just smile until now even i know she could be crying behind me...
she is not a drama queen at all.
never drag her sadness in front of me
she pretend to be strong, strong and strong,
even our life is not really wonderful as others...

besday mak kali ni,
i could not prepare a present.
so rushing to bake a moist chocolate cake.
dah rasa hebat sangat dah ni boleh deko cake dgn homemade icing n anggur, hihi =)
she love my cake very much, that the happiest part of a not so terror daughter ;)

oh since my mom never praise any good side of me in front of me,
she usually said it like this:

"hmm sedap lagi kek kita buat sendiri dr beli kat kedai..."
*insert tganu slang*

and she ate most of them! ^___^

and i said to her,
tu, satu lagi hadiah mok taun ni >>>

or dong.

act his name variously changed.
at last, mummy berkenan sgt dgn nama saadong,
mcm best sgt boleh panggil brother kat ats ni saadong. haha.

tersangat jadi kesayangan mummy.
tp dia sgt tak lekat kat rumah skrg,
for last 2 weeks, tiap2 mlm tak balik!
sampai la semalam,
rasanya memang dia tak sihat sgt,
suara pun dah tak keluar...

letak dia dalam kotak,
dan tidur senyenyak2 nya.
kotak tu letak kat dapur,
so semalam sambil makan2 sembang2 kat dapur,
sekejap2 paling tgk saadong tidur,
mcm lama sgt dah tak nampak view comel mcm tu,

happy birthday mummy!
love you unconditionally...
and please wait for me to give you what you should deserve...

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