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Sunday, January 29, 2017

New Header


Writing this post from UMT. Rajin naw masuk kampus time orang cuti ni. Bkn rajin, but I just cant stay at home - feeling disoriented - either to do my work or to sleep 😁. Btw its so quiet here that I have to keep playing my playlist. I'm not a type that really enjoy working while listening to music, but just to make sure the surrounding is not so quiet, yet creepy 👻 

And yes, there is not much more work I've done since morning I've been here, and I have to go back home in less than 3hours. But it turn out I manage to get new header for my blog - yeay - ok this is not a work that I have to complete actually 😭 but feel like oh please idea come to me yet they didnt come so I change my direction to blog. such a cool decision huh? *cry again* lama sangat dah tak bertukar blog header tu. Dah tak serajin dulu nak edit sana sini. Dulu siap editkan blog header orang lain 😎 

Still sayang header yang ni. Tapi mohler kita move on. 2017 dah kak.

Tadda... new header mak ngah merah 😆
Simple je. Photoshop is not my playground anymore.
Jenguk skali skala boleh la.
At least untuk blog ni,
walaupun jarang berupdate,
nampak la tuan tanah take care lagi kat dia 😁

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