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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

.: happy exam PMR candidates! :.


9 Okt 2012. Selasa. The day has come. Have a good day, good emotions, good health, good minds, good pray... Though they do not read this, i just want to write here as my 'event' in my life. before the exams, there is a msg that  i received several days ago...

"saya zuhdi ingin meminta supaya cikgu berdoa supaya mudah untuk menjawab soalan pmr nanti... dan mendapat 6A dalam pmr. "

hehe. i was smiling to the night. are u sure u just aim for 6As? hey i pray straight A for u man. even he come from the third class, but i just wish the best for him and his friends. even i was in the last class while taking pmr, and i got 7As... not bad la kan =]  *sape suh banyak mainnnn*

students, the time u open the paper, there is a lot of pray whispered around you... so put a good answer inside there ok! gud luck! ^____^

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